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Pure Farming 2018 v1.2 + 11 DLC - SKIDROW

Pure Farming 2018 Game Free Download Torrent

Pure Farming 2018 Game Free Download Torrent

The project is a farmer simulator Pure Farming 2018 where you will find the latest detailed and licensed machines. Here you will travel to major cities in Europe, Asia and America, and build a farm of your dreams. Cultivate cultivated plants on it and plant animals will not be easy, because you need to take into account the characteristics of the region. Test your farming skills in three game modes, which will suit not only beginners, but also experienced players in the simulators. Travel through Europe, Asia and America and take care of the plants that are characteristic of these regions, whether it be hemp, coffee or olives. Explore all aspects of farming in three unique game modes, suitable and experienced players in simulators, and beginners. All in one — test your strength in any aspect of modern farming: livestock, horticulture, greenhouse cultivation, tillage, renewable energy and much more.

Game Details

About This Game


​Use machines from industry leaders: Zetor, Landini, McCormick, Gregoire, DAF and Mitsubishi, recreated in full accordance with the originals, including mass and mechanics of work. Three game modes for different game styles. Enjoy your own farm without restrictions, learn the basics of agriculture or experience your own farmer’s skills!​

Key Features

Additions (DLC):
  • Pure Farming 2018: Map of Germany
  • Pure Farming 2018: Set of special costumes
  • Pure Farming 2018: Goats
  • Pure Farming 2018: JBS Large Wheeled Loader 435s
  • Pure Farming 2018: Landini REX 4-100 °F
  • Pure Farming 2018: Lindner Geotrac 134ep
  • Pure Farming 2018: Gomselmash Palesse CS — 200
  • Pure Farming 2018: Mitsubishi L200 Monster
  • Pure Farming 2018: Orange Garden
  • Pure Farming 2018: Fan’s T-shirt
  • Pure Farming 2018: JCB Fastrac 8330 (Special Edition)

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10,8,7 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core I5 2,3 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce 560 GTX 2 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10,8,7 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core I7, 3,0 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce GTX 970 4 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space


Pure Farming 2018 Game Free Download Torrent Pure Farming 2018 Game Free Download Torrent Pure Farming 2018 Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. Mount or burn the ISO image in the disk emulator (UltraISO program).
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it.
4. Wait until the installation process is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop.
5. Download and install Update v1.1.2 \ v1.1.3 \ v1.1.4 \ v1.1.5 \ v1.2, copy the contents of the folder «CODEX» in the game folder.
6. Start the game with a shortcut.

Download: Pure Farming 2018 v1.2 Update incl DLC - SKIDROW [ 203.04MB ]
Download: Pure Farming 2018 Update v1.1.5 [ 185.28MB ]
Download: Pure Farming 2018 Update v1.1.4 [ 192MB ]
Download: Pure Farming 2018 Update v1.1.3 Hotfix 1 [ 48MB ]
Download: Pure Farming 2018 Update v1.1.2 [ 121.18MB ]

Cracked Exe
- You need a SteamEmu
Download: Pure Farming 2018 v1.1.3 Crk.Exe-LuKe.rar [ 7.62MB ]

SteamEmu (All dlcs unlocked)
- You need a cracked exe
Download: Pure Farming 2018 ALI213 SteamEmu.rar [ 1001.82KB ]

Download Pure Farming 2018 v1.2 + 11 DLC - SKIDROW [ 2.41 GB ]

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This game has been updated 26-05-2018, 03:56 to the latest version v1.2 + 11 DLC.


Comments 12

bibiunderone 15 March 2018 10:14
Hi everybody,

Very good games but in English with this dl, waiting for a patch FR

Thanks to SKIDROW
Admin 16 March 2018 11:37
c:\Users\ YOUR_USER_ID\ AppData \LocalLow\ Techland\ Pure Farming 2018\ Game Save\ YOUR_SAVE_ID\ AdditionalInfoPF.psav

"selectedLanguage": "YouLang" and "isLanguageSet":"true"
bizonek98 17 March 2018 04:00
There is a 1.1.1 patch now, when you will upload it?
GPeti 17 March 2018 09:07

Black screen in the menu. How to repair?

Or when is the 1.1.1 Update expected?
Admin 24 March 2018 07:32
Version 1.1.2 Update Now:

Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where Field of View (FOV) resets to default when controlling drone
Enabled workers to turn reflectors on in vehicles
Changed fodder palette position near barn 2
Decreased animation speed of transferring eggs/boxes from warehouses to machines
Decreased font size on the credits
Decreased font size on save game slots, and changed font type
Set default starting timescale in Free Farming to x24
Improved concrete textures
Improved tractor data changed to be more realistic.
Adjusted speed reduction when engine is damaged
Added 16:10 screen ratio support
Added ability to sell trailers with produce in them
Improved how pedestrians walk in Japan
Disabled gamepad vibration while the game is paused
Fixed issue where vehicles would fly into the air while in a carwash
Fixed issue with potatoes passing through the belt when loading from storage to trailer

Gameplay changes

Added adjustable key bindings
Changed post processing for improved graphics
Added support for Logitech G920 steering wheel
Added support for Thrustmaster T300 steering wheel
Optimized SSAO for improved performance
JCB Fastrac 4220 max. Speed increased to to 70 km/h
Improved front loader controls
Adjusted speed of front loader
Added ability to see what weight of crops can be harvested from a field, or taken from a silo
Improved hired worker AI
Added option to remove visual ‘fog effect’
Increased capacity of potato storage
Fan 25 March 2018 06:05
Where is the crack for update, becouse it's not working(opening steam when i run the game)
Admin 25 March 2018 06:56
Fan, hi:

Cracked Exe
- You need a SteamEmu
Download: Pure Farming 2018 v1.1.2 Crk.Exe-LuKe.rar [ 7.62MB ]

SteamEmu (All dlcs unlocked)
- You need a cracked exe
Download: Pure Farming 2018 ALI213 SteamEmu.rar [ 1001.82KB ]
Admin 13 April 2018 03:32
Update 1.1.4 Patch:
Bug Fixes
The AI should no longer leave unworked strips on the field.
The AI should now turn around halfway across the field if the other half doesn't need to be worked on.
An AI using a baler should now work properly, no longer stopping after just one strip.
Fixed problems with key mapping.
Fixed the potato storehouse animation.
Fixed the display of vehicle coordinates in the travel menu.
Fixed the display of the amount of grain being sold using the tablet.
Fixed a bug with unloading eggs from the trailer.
Fixed a bug where vehicles transported to another country drove more slowly.
Fixed the option to pay off a loan in installments.
Fixed a bug that caused inputs to disappear after changing the controller to keyboard+mouse using F6.
Fixed the camera when moving from vehicle to vehicle and when changing views.
Fixed the scope of work done by the "Sipma Boryna" and the "Sipma Antek".
Fixed the potato storehouse audio.
Fixed the animation of unloading potatoes from the trailer.
Added information on machine capacity in the tablet.
Audio fixes - removed excess noise from machine sound effects.
Several fixes have been introduced regarding collisions on the maps.
Visual improvements of terrain (optimized textures).
Gameplay balance has been improved.
The Easter egg hunt event has finished - sapphires are back.
Gameplay Changes
An option to turn on real mirrors in vehicles has been added.
An option to configure the driver in vehicles has been added to the Importer. Now you can set arm and leg parameters for the driver's model. The driver will move their hands during turns.
The Importer UI has been optimized.
A function for automatically aligning the wheels has been added to the importer.
A sound effect has been added for the conveyor belt when loading potatoes.
An option has been added to change the tips being displayed when loading a game.
A new look for the radio options menu has been introduced.
sehan 13 April 2018 08:46
the patch is finished with errors ehat is wrong please help 

the patch is finished wiht errors what is wrong
feather 19 April 2018 09:23
Quote: sehan
the patch is finished with errors ehat is wrong please help 

the patch is finished wiht errors what is wrong

error update patch 1.1.4 ?

error like "rollback update" ? uncheck verify hash. done 
Márk Stoli
Márk Stoli 6 May 2018 11:27
Hi everybody 
Please help , after I install the 1.1.3 patch and copy the crack   ( my game show just black screen ,no logo just black screen and the curzor),my graphic driver is updated!
Thanks for every help in advance.
Admin 26 May 2018 03:57
Update 1.2 notes:

  • Camera's rotation smoothness has been improved
  • Improved stability of the game
  • Fixed camera position when enter vehicle for first time
  • Rock colliders has been improved
  • Fixed bug with some achievements not possible to unlock in campaign mode
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the front loader and attachments from cleaning with a hand washer
  • Minor radio fixes
  • Other fixes
  • Mod's Importer: Cisterns - you can import own cisterns into the game
  • Mod's Importer: Orchard Sprayers - you can import own orchard sprayers into the game
  • Steam Workshop now available
  • Steam Workshop Exporter tool introduced in Mod's submenu 
  • Virtual Garage has been added
  • A new sound system for devices and engines has been added
  • Added new system to reset devices and vehicles when they are blocked
  • Central real mirror added in some vehicles (eg. Mitsubishi)
  • Real Mirrors optimisation
  • Increased capacity of Galucho Transcow to 6 cows and 10 pigs
  • Added horn to vehicles
  • Added new tips on loading screen
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